In the classrooms

Bikram visited the school yesterday and observed classes being taught by all the teachers.

Kamala was teaching maths in class 2 by using cards ( number, words and picture ) which she prepared during teacher training in Bandipur.

class 2

Sarita was teaching English in class 3. The topic was ” Animal Habitats “. Bikram found that she was having trouble to pronounce some words appropriately like shade, cylindrical, wind, hares, hive and kennel. So after she had taught the class, Bikram and Sarita sat in the office and Bikram helped her to pronounce correctly. He also advised her to use the English dictionary they have in school to help her to pronounce words correctly.

Bikram in class 1 (2)

In class 1 Rexsona Dhakal was teaching maths. The students were learning numbers. Bikram asked the students if they could spell numbers 1 to 10 in English and then he wrote the on the whiteboard next to the Nepali.

Bikram in class 1 (1)

Bikram also met with Ram Maya Bhujel, our new litter officer, and discussed and showed her about her duty. And below is a nice picture of the children enjoying play time.

students in tifin time