Nursery building preparations have begun

The end of school year exams are over and the school is planning to publish the results on 10th April.

Project teachers Pampha and Kamala took part in one day training at Seto Gurans nursery in Bandipur on 24th March. That training was focused on preparing materials. Sister Miriam was the trainer.

Kamala at Training Pampha at training

One of our long term supporters and donaters is in Bandipur, Christina from Germany. She gave Bikram US$200 to spend for our school. Thank you Christina!

Bikram will buy things for the school after consultation with project staff members and SMC.

On 26th March four Rotarians including Dr. Madan Kumar Piya (senior chest and cancer physician ) originally from Bandipur visited the school. School family and villagers welcomed them. They promised to help our school in the future like making a new school building.

Group Photho with rotarians Rotarian at School

As of 28th March, they have started to build the new nursery building. Bikram has bought construction materials like cement, steel bars, bricks, sand, stone, metal frame for windows and doors.

brick cement metal fram of door ramkrishna at work sand steel bar stone for foundations

Bikram and the teachers also repaired their educational materials in preparation for the new school year. Bikram was also involved in checking the answers, marking the students end of year exams.

bikram checking answer paper

It was also noted that the climate is becoming warmer day by day 🙂

New nursery school building update

On 6th March Bikram, our project manager, took an engineer, Suman Shrestha, who prepared the new nursery building drawing to the Aadnhiuml school and had a meeting with nursery building construction committee (the school committee have already formed a five member nursery building construction committee as follows: Bikram Piya, coordinator; Rajaram Prajapati, NGO member; Harischandra Bhujel, SMC chairperson; Rameshwor Lamechhane, Headteacher; and Gyan Bahadur Bhujel, founder chair person of SMC as members).

They have chosen a new location and the location is between the present nursery classroom and the bamboo classroom. As previously mentioned, it is not practical to construct the nursery building where the demolished youth club building is located.

The engineer marked the area to make the foundations. They also appointed Bir Bahadur Gurung as the construction contractor. He is making a school in Thumka (a nearby village) too.

So the work will start after 2 weeks. They will still build to the the existing drawing and there will be no compromise in the quality.

Bikram will take the engineer time and time again throughout the project and will send pictures once the work starts.

engineer_suman_shrestha_at_school meeting taking_measurement

Parents meeting at school

There was a parent meeting on 15 February at school. All the school management committee members, all the teacher staffs, all the parent teacher association members and 50 parents were present at meeting. Most of the parents who attended were the mothers/carers. They had a good discussion on each agenda.

parent meeting 2 parent meeting

Headteacher Rameshwor presented the agenda to be discussed. The parent meeting endorsed the following agendas:

  1. the school anniversary will be organised on 3 March.
  2. to fix the electricity at school.
  3. to bring a computer to the school and appoint a computer teacher.
  4. to collect NRP 100 from each parent for the salary of the computer teacher.
  5. to nominate Banu Bhujel from Pari Gaon in place of Dil Maya Bhujel and Ram Bahadur Bhujel as new members of the School Management Committee.
  6. to appoint Ram Maya bhujel ( Kumar’s (the caretaker) wife ) for the post of litter officer in place of Ran Bahadur Bhujel.
  7. to start student admission champion immediately after yearly exam result.

staff meeting

After the parent meeting Bikram and the school held a separate staff meeting. All the project staff expressed their willingness to continue their job for next school year. They hope that there will be around 100 children studying in the school by the new session. Therefore they will need more bowls, glasses and spoons for the school lunch (khaja). They will also need some more learning materials and educational/fun games.

In light of this increase the project will need to increase the money provided for both khaja and school materials, possibly as much as 50% to what it is currently. The project staff are also hoping a reasonable increment in their salary.

Bikram met with Urmila’s (a student being supported by one of our donors) mother, Junki Bhujel, and gave her NRP 400.00 for the month of Magh to support with Urmila’s schooling costs. Until now (this current academic year), Bikram has given Urmila and her family NRp 4000.00.

Pampha and Kamala (project teachers) will join training that is organised by Seto Gurans in Bandipur on 26 and 27 February.

There is an immunisation programme for Rubela, measels and polio to be held on 28 February at Jaldevi Primary School, Kalchok nearby Thumka, for children from 9 months to 5 years. So they will take all the school children there for their immunisations.

It is confirmed that the project will need to contribute NRP 348,914.00 as 70 percent of total cost to construct the new nursery building.

The local government, the Bandipur municipality, have given money to cover for new desks and benches for the new Class 5.

One of the villagers whose house is being rebuilt/repaired, Junkiri Bhujel, is taking medicine regularly to help recover from TB. She also took part in the parent meeting yesterday.

Ram Maya Bhujel (the new Litter Officer) has been made clear about her duty.

Project update: School, House rebuilding and new Nursery

Khaja program after smc meeting 1 Khaja program after smc meeting

On 12 October there was school management committee meeting. This meeting endorsed to collect 20 percent resource of total cost of the new nursery building, along with 20 percent from the local government, and 60 percent from the project.

Now in Nepal the winter season has began so the school with project money will buy thick mats for Nursery and Class One to be put under the carpet and prevent the cold coming through.

room scrubed

With the help of students all school room have been scrubbed.

room scrubed 1

The school is going to be closed from 13 October for Dashain holidays and it will reopen from 27 October.

Krishna' house rebuilding

Krishna Bahadur Bhujel has almost finished his house rebuilding work. Hira Bhujel has finished half the work. Bikram gave him NRS 5000.00 as second instalment. Kamal Bhujel has just finished the foundation work for his house. After finishing these 3 houses, the others will be started.

Hira's house rebuilding 1 Hira's house rebuilding Kamal' house rebuilding

New nursery building proposed to be built

The school and the community are really happy to see that has been improving over these past few years, especially since our new project manager Bikrma Piya has been working for the project. And so, with the growth of children attending many have asked that the school increases in size to Class 5.

However, there is no longer any space to house these children. This is where a proposal to build a new nursery building not far from the main school has been put forward. Then the space where the nursery was can be used for the new Class 5.

On August 30 there was a meeting between our school and the Youth club. On that day the two parties signed on a contract paper. The Youth club is ready to give this land to build nursery building. Though in our project manager’s opinion, he thinks it is not practical to build the nursery building on that land because it is little bit far from the main school building. So it is difficult to be supervised by headteacher. One current student, Abigel’s father John, told Bikram that he is ready to provide land nearby school.

In the meantime, our project manager, along with members of the school committee, commissioned an engineer to survey the land and put together some drawings for this new build, and the project covered the costs of this drawing. You can see this drawing in the following document Aandhi Bhari Primary School new nursery building plans.pdf.