Videos in Aandhimul

This page will hopefully give you a moving, visual insight to the school and village life of Aandhimul. And more videos will be added over time.

On Angela’s trip to Aandhimul in December 2014 Angela brought her daughter Hannah, and Hannah’s boyfriend Jack to Nepal. And on this trip they had planned to make a small documentary about the project, its activities, and its impact. Both Hannah and Jack did a wonderful job in volunteering their time to film and produce the above. On behalf of the project we thank them very much.

Urmila Bhujel, who is now in Class 7 and is one of a group of young girls who are now continuing their studies passed Aandhi Bhari school. It is great to see that the community is valuing education (learning) more, and allowing their daughters to continue through school into secondary education.

Children singing the famous traditional Nepali song ‘Resham Firiri’

A morning with Kishan and his family in the village of Aandhimul

A nice panoramic view around the school grounds

A small part of the journey up towards Aandhimul.

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